SVG8XXX Coater, HMDS, Developer, and Scrubber systems.
SVG8XXX Coater, HMDS, Developer, and Scrubber systems.
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About UTS

Building Our Future On Our 30 Years Of Experience

Founded in 2000 by a group of experienced, creative, and hard working field service engineers, UTS Microservices has quickly become a respected name in the industry. Our staff has a collective 30 years of expertise in the semiconductor arena. Our professionals have worked in the four corners of the globe, from Scotland to Paris and Korea to Singapore to right here in the United States.

Vu Nguyen, one of the most notable engineers in our industry, leads UTS by example. In addition to providing innovative solutions for remanufacturing and configuring track systems, Mr. Nguyen is well known for leaving the profound impact of personal customer support on everyone with whom he works.

Our engineers and support technicians take pride in delivering cost-effective solutions for every client. Each UTS professional is a company owner and this pride of ownership is reflected successfully in every client partnership.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction by delivering the best services, fastest turnaround for parts supply, essential upgrades, and efficient remanufacturing of SVG8XXX Coaters, HMDS, Developers, and Scrubber systems. Moreover, we maintain a sincere commitment to perform each job with the client's expectations as the highest priority. Top-notch technical support is the benchmark that has brought our success in the past, present, and for years to come.

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