SVG8XXX Coater, HMDS, Developer, and Scrubber systems.
SVG8XXX Coater, HMDS, Developer, and Scrubber systems.
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UTS Microservices/University Partnership Invitation

Recent economic turns have created a unique situation where universities are entering the semiconductor and wafer manufacturing fields. We appreciate the creative atmosphere of the educational laboratory and welcome every opportunity to work with the most ingenious up and coming talent in the industry.

Our technicians and staff extend an open invitation to work with universities to develop and enhance track system technology. In addition to our field experience, we've invested in working with several well-known campuses.

Many of our University Partner's have taken the time to express their thanks to UTS for our excellent service and support. Click either of the images below to read just a sampling of the Letters of Recommendation we receive.

Letter of Recommendation
Letter of Recommendation

Sia Parsa,
Process Engineering Manager
UC Berkeley Microlab

Robert Hamilton,
Microlab Facilities Manager
UC Berkeley Microlab

For more information, please complete our online request form or call us at (669) 342-7726.


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